Follow These 5 Easy Spring Tips and Maintenance

Spring has sprung!  It is that time of year when many homeowners are doing some spring cleaning and maintenance.

Now that the snow has melted and the grass is growing, it is the perfect time to do some of those chores that have been neglected through the cold winter months.

It is also a good time to do some of the upkeep and maintenance that needs to be done periodically to keep your home in good shape.  Use these tips to help you get started.

Spring Maintenance Tips

There are a few things around the house that need to be checked on regularly to keep your home in good working order and keep your family safe.  However, it’s easy to neglect or forget about these things if you don’t have a plan to do them on a regular schedule.

Make these items part of your spring cleaning routine, and you’ll keep your home in tip top shape.

  1. Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.  You should have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors installed on every floor of your home.  Test them and replace the batteries periodically.
  2. Have your heating and air conditioning systems inspected by a professional.  Don’t wait until something breaks down to call a pro.  You can save a lot of time and money by planning on some routine maintenance.  Your HVAC pro can also help you find ways to make your systems run as efficiently as possible.
  3. Check your light bulbs.  Make sure that you are using the correct wattage, and don’t strain your electrical outlets.  If you haven’t done so already, this is a good time to switch to energy efficient bulbs.
  4. Inspect your roof for damage.  Look for missing or torn shingles or any signs of leaks.  Make sure that your gutters are clean, and remove any debris that may have accumulated.
  5. Spend some time working in the yard and trimming your landscaping.  This is the first thing that people notice when they pass by your home.  Make sure that your tree limbs aren’t interfering with any utility wires.  Check your driveway and sidewalks for cracks or any other repair concerns.

Home Improvement Tips

Besides general cleanup, spring is also a time when many homeowners take on some home improvement projects.  If you would like to spruce up your home, check out these easy home improvement tips.

  1. If your house is feeling drab, consider painting your front door.  While painting your whole house makes a big impact, it can also be costly and time-consuming.  If you don’t have the funds or hours to devote to a major paint job, just paint the front door.  One gallon of paint can brighten up the whole exterior of the home.
  2. Upgrade your windows.  New windows give your home a new look, and they can also provide significant energy savings.  You are sure to appreciate that come next winter when the heating bill arrives.
  3. Upgrade your flooring.  New floors are the desire of nearly every homeowner and Spring is the perfect time to install them. Hardwood, laminate, ceramic tiles etc give the room a fresh look. An alternative is adding an area rug to your new or existing flooring. This can create a whole new feel while at the same time being budget conscious.
  4. Revamp your kitchen or bathroom.  A new sink or faucet can give your space a fresh vibe.

If you are interested in doing some home improvements this spring to add more value to your home, contact Mortgage Ladies.  We can help you access the equity in your home to get the funds that you need to make improvements.  Call Mortgage Ladies to learn more today.