Want Choice?


One of the greatest advantages of using a mortgage broker is having access to over 50 lenders.  A bank will only offer you access to their products, while a mortgage broker can offer you more choices through multiple lenders.  With this vast product selection, brokers help homebuyers and owners get the best mortgage for their needs.

  • Term
  • Rate – variable vs. fixed
  • Payment flexibility
  • Pre-payment privileges
  • Restrictions, fees and penalties
  • Mortgage portability or assumability
  • Qualifying with no income verification (self-employed)

When selecting the right lender your broker will consider:

Focusing on a rock-bottom rate can mean higher fees and penalties with more restrictive terms when you want to move, refinance or use your mortgage for a debt consolidation.  A mortgage broker will give you a sound evaluation of product choices and together will help you decide what option suits your need.