Can You Afford to Purchase a Family Cottage?

Blog,Uncategorized / June 5, 2014

You are sitting at your desk on a Friday afternoon in a stuffy office. You are daydreaming and having a tough time focusing on your work. You can hear your co-workers talking about their weekend plans. Many of them are taking off right after work to go to their family cottages for the weekend.  Your mind wanders, […]

Follow These 5 Easy Spring Tips and Maintenance

Blog,Uncategorized / May 13, 2014

Spring has sprung!  It is that time of year when many homeowners are doing some spring cleaning and maintenance. Now that the snow has melted and the grass is growing, it is the perfect time to do some of those chores that have been neglected through the cold winter months. It is also a good […]

How to Pay for Home Renovation Costs with a Smart Solution?

Blog,Uncategorized / April 4, 2014

Many homeowners dream of making renovations to their homes.  They spend hours surfing Pinterest, checking out all the beautiful photos and saving ideas for their own renovation someday. Wouldn’t you love to upgrade your worn out old carpet to hardwood floors?  Would you like to replace your outdated old cabinets with gorgeous new custom cabinets?  […]

Buying Your First Home – How Can Renters Afford to Buy a Home?

Blog,Uncategorized / March 13, 2014

Do you rent a home?  Have you been renting for a long time, and wishing that you could afford to buy a home of your own? Buying your first home is possible. There are some advantages to renting. When something goes wrong, you can call your landlord; you don’t have to repair the problem yourself. You […]

Debt Consolidation after Holiday Spending

Blog,Uncategorized / February 5, 2014

The holidays are a wonderful time to share with family and friends.  Perhaps you traveled to your hometown to visit your parents and extended family, or perhaps you went on vacation to escape for quiet, relaxing time together with your family.  You probably indulged in big meals, exchanged lots of gifts, and went out to […]

Debt Solutions – Reduce Stress by Trading Bad Debt for Smart Debt

Blog,Uncategorized / January 22, 2014

If you find that finances are a major source of stress in your life, you are not alone.  Many Canadians struggle with debt, and it can significantly impact the quality of your relationships and your life. You don’t have to wait until all of your debts are paid off to breathe a little easier, though.  […]

Debt Consolidation Before The Holidays

Blog,Uncategorized / November 28, 2013

The holiday season is quickly approaching. For many homeowners, the idea of the holidays can bring stress and anxiety rather than joy. A time of year that should be spent celebrating and enjoying time with family can really be a burden for many families because of the financial pressures that are created. Even for those who are […]

6 Tips to Assist You in the Mortgage Renewal Process

Blog,Uncategorized / November 6, 2013

Your mortgage payment is, most likely, the biggest expense that is cutting into your budget every month. You aren’t alone; this is the case for the majority of Canadians. When it comes time to renew your mortgage, you can save money by shopping around for a better rate. However, more than ¼ of Canadians automatically […]

Benefits of Debt Consolidation Loans

Blog,Uncategorized / August 20, 2013

Many homeowners have more debt than they feel comfortable carrying.  This can be a source of financial stress as well as a strain on a marriage or family.  One option for lightening the load is a debt consolidation loan.  A debt consolidation loan is a loan that is secured by your mortgage that can be […]

What is a Mortgage Broker?

Blog,Uncategorized / July 23, 2013

Whether you are a first time buyer or existing home owner, you are not alone in the confusion of terminology and details within the real estate industry. Many people are often confused by the roles specialists play in the process. Many people often confuse lenders and mortgage brokers and remain unsure on what exactly a […]

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